Bihar: 1106 Vehicles Seized For Not Following Lockdown Rules


Patna, 12th May 2021: Bihar police is taking action against people for not following the rules of lockdown. As many as 1106 vehicles have been seized in the state and 13 people arrested for not following the rule.

The police have collected a fine of Rs 23,83,500 from the drivers who do not follow the rules of the lockdown. A total of 121 cases have been registered in Bihar against lockdown violators and 192 people have been detained and 8217 vehicles have been seized from May 1 to now.

According to the police headquarters in the state of Bihar, a penalty of Rs 1,82,000 has been collected in 24 hours from 3640 people who came out of the house without a mask. In order to prevent the growing infection of Corona, the police administration is taking action against the people to strictly follow the guidelines of Corona. During the corona lockdown in the state, a fine of Rs 17 lakh has been recovered from the people who did not wear masks since May 1.