Renowned Social Worker Vilas Chaphekar passes away

Pune: Vilas Chaphekar (80), founder of Vanchit Vikas and Janiv Sanghatana passed away here on Saturday early hours. Chaphekar was undergoing treatment at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital from last few days. His mortal remains will be kept at the Vanchit Vikas’s office between 10 to 12 on Sunday in Narayan Peth for people to pay their respect. The last rights will be performed on him on July 25 (Sunday).

Chaphekar through Janiv and Vanchit Vikas worked towards bringing about positive change in the lives of children of the sex workers, tribals, women, and other deprived people in the neglected sectors of society. He worked selflessly towards the upliftment of the downtrodden.

A native of Thane in Mumbai, he earned his Master’s degree with a gold medal from Mumbai University. Settled in Pune, in 1982 he formed Janiv organization while in 1985 he expanded his social work by forming Vanchit Vikas organisation. Considering his work selfless work people awarded him with title ‘Sir’.


Along with Vanchit Vikas and Janiv, Chaphekar contributed towards the formation of Neehar, Chandikadevi Adivasi Girls Hostel, Sabala Mahila Kendra at Latur, Manavnirman, a project at Gosavi Vasti, Janiv Yuva, and many more organizations.

With his vision, started in Maharashtra his work later extended in Madhya Pradesh. Through publications like Ranwara, Sanwadini he aimed at regular communication of the organization with the donors who support this work.

Along with social work, Chaphekar also nurtured artists, players, teachers, journalists, and playwrights in him. From school life, he had worked for student organizations, rural agricultural labor, sex workers in Mumbai, and residents of Dharavi slums. He also worked for Indian Institute of Education’s projects.

Chaphekar, who spent 16 years in the business as a teacher, professor, journalist, printing press operator, through his writing in newspapers and magazines created awareness.

He also wrote several books like ‘Panchayat Raj Va Swayansevi Sanstha’, ‘Rachanatmak Disha’, ‘6 December Che Mul’, ‘Neehar’ are some which aimed to at development of the many. ‘Ratrandin Amha’ has been published on chafekar’s life and work.

Chaphekar, after guidance from Prabhakar Gupte at Maharashtra Natya Vidyalaya wrote three plays on social issues. Which was later staged in Mumbai?

 His social work

– Participated in social work at the age of 17

– Left his permanent job in 1984 engaged himself in social work

– Between 1959-1963 he worked in student organizations

– From 1962 to 64 he worked towards creating awareness among agricultural laborers and Dhangars in rural areas of Nagar district

– 1965-66 educated children of sex workers at Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

– Between 1967-71, he trained 25 children from Dharavi slum to make bags and sell those on footpaths. Now these kids own their own bag shops.

– In the year, 1972 to 75 he worked in Pune slums to get basic facilities to the residents, Conducted Social Awareness.

– Participated in the fight against the Emergency 1975-76

– 1977-80 Worked as project head for Non-Formal Education system under Indian Institute of Education.

  -During 1978-80 as Coordinator of State Resource Center at Indian Institute of Education, he worked in the field of Adult Education.

– 1981-84 Worked as Head of ‘Social Awareness Projects for Indian Students’ at Indian Institute of Education, Pune.

– in 1982 he established Janiv organization for the development of the underprivileged in the society

– In 1986 formed Vanchit Vikas Organization and Trust.

– He tirelessly worked for Vanchit Vikas and Janiv throughout 2020

He was honored with several awards for his social work like ‘Laxmi Moreshwar Purskar’, ‘Samajshilpi Purskar’, ‘Samajbhushan Purskar’, ‘Samajsudharak Gopal Ganesh Agarkar Purskar’, ‘Samajbhushan Purskar’ by Nansaheb Magar Social Sports Trust among others.



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