Girl Goes On A Facebook Live With Her Lover After Her Family Performed The Last Rites Believing She’s Dead.

Patna: 4th July 2021: The girl who was cremated by the family as dead, went ahead on a Facebook live with her lover. She said, that her family members should not be harassed and she was fine. Apart from this, the girl said many things on Facebook live.

After finding this out, the question began to arise that whose body was cremated, if this girl was alive? This whole matter is related to the Gaurichak police station of ​​Patna. The girl had been missing from there.

Meanwhile, on July 6, the police had recovered the body of a girl. The family members of the missing girl reached out there and identified the body as that of their daughter. Later the body was cremated accordingly. After this, on July 12th, the same girl went live on Facebook with her lover.

She also shared her post with friends connected on Facebook. After getting information about the girl going live on Facebook, her mother reached the police station and informed the police about the whole matter. According to the Gaurichak SHO, the police are investigating the whole matter.

A case of murder and rape was registered

A case of murder and rape was registered in connection with the discovery of the girl’s body. The police have been probing the incident on this aspect but the girl, whom everyone thought was dead, turned out to be alive. Therefore, along with recovering that girl, the police are trying to find out whose body had been cremated after all. As the body has been cremated, the police will have trouble even in identifying it.

May be DNA test will help

After the body was recovered, the police conducted the post-mortem. If someone identifies the corpse through the photo, then it can be identified only by DNA test. In the initial phase, when the police were going to perform the last rites considering the body as unknown, the family members had reached out and claimed to have identified it. However, they had confused it with their daughter

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