Brain Tumor: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment options

Bangalore, 26 August 2021: Brain tumor has always been a major challenge to medical science pertaining to its critically delicate location and impairment of important functions. Brain tumor is caused by abnormal growth of cells inside the brain or skull. As per studies, brain tumors comprise of 2.4 percent of all tumors diagnosed, though all […]

HRCT scans in COVID19 patients and the risk of cancer in future

Nashik, 12 August 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic posed an unparalleled challenge for the medical fraternity and created multiple challenges in the delivery of optimal care for patients, especially with cancer. Despite extensive planning, the rapidly evolving and uncertain environment left patients and health care workers in uncharted waters. As COVID-19 spreads worldwide, there is a […]

Orbital Tumors: Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

Nation, 24 June 2021: Tumors and inflammations can occur behind and around the eye. An orbital tumor refers to a tumor positioned in the ‘orbit’, which is the bony socket in the front of the skull that comprises the eye. Even a miniscule tumor in this small, crowded region can cause significant symptoms and functional […]

Study Explored Benefits of Yoga in Chronic Low Back Pain

New Delhi, 17 June 2021: Most of the yoga-based studies so far have relied on patient’s experience and rating of pain and disability as an indicator of recovery and better quality of life. Researchers who measured pain, pain tolerance and body flexibility have found that yoga leads to pain relief, increases tolerance of pain and […]

Making the distinction between genuine and fake diet supplements is vital

Nation, 15 June 2021: Maintaining good health and being fit is a modern-day need among all generations today. Owing to this, a diet of supplements has gained immense importance and become part of the overall regimen of families. The question then arises whether fitness enthusiasts are consuming authentic supplements or otherwise? Given that the market […]

Lockdown diet: Nutritious foods that must be a part of your child’s diet

Nation, 07 June 2021: The ripple effect of COVID -19 has created a fear among parents to safeguard the lives of their children in the upcoming days. While parents and guardians are taking all the possible measures to ensure that their little ones are protected, while staying indoors, keeping a watch on their child’s health […]

COVID-19 Patients can recover within three days with the new Antibody Cocktail – says Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals

Hyderabad, 28 May 2021: Monoclonal antibodies-based treatment is seen as the latest armament in the fight against COVID-19. The drug cocktail has gained enough traction from global media ever since it got administered on ex-US President Donald Trump but is it really a wonder drug? As AIG Hospitals started giving this treatment to its patients, Dr. […]

Healthcare start-up KareXpert launches Virtual Care Platform, Helps Hospitals in Treating both covid and non-covid Patients

National, May 2021:KareXpert, one of India’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies, today announced the launch of its Cloud-based Virtual care platform for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. At a time when the country is reeling under the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic and the hospitals are under tremendous pressure, this platform comes as a stress […]

Working More Than 55 Hours In A Week Can Cause Strokes And Attacks, Research Claims

New Delhi, 18th May 2021: The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Labor organization conducted joint research which showed that in 2016, 7 lakh 45 thousand deaths were caused by stroke and ischemic heart disease due to working late. This figure was 29 percent higher than the number of deaths in the year 2000. This […]

Health risks of tobacco consumption and ways to quit smoking

Since its inception in 1987, by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), the ‘No tobacco day’ is observed on 31st May, every year with an aim to educate the public regarding the dangers of using tobacco. The ill effects of tobacco are long realized, but invariably it continues to be used indiscriminately. Tobacco use in India- What […]