Amit Singh


Ghaziabad, 09 January 2024: Uttar Pradesh government under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has initiated discussions regarding the potential renaming of Ghaziabad to either Harnandi Nagar or Gajnagar. The move aims to alter the city’s name, which currently bears the legacy of Nawab of Oudh, Ghazi-ud-din.


Ghaziabad, an integral part of the National Capital Region (NCR), has been subject to requests for a name change for a considerable period. Mayor Sunita Dayal affirmed that while there have been persistent appeals for renaming the city, this is the first instance where the matter will be discussed at the executive level.


The proposal to rename Ghaziabad stems from the desire to recontextualize the historical significance linked to the city’s existing name, which traces back to the reign of the Nawab of Oudh. The names under consideration for the city’s rechristening—Harnandi Nagar and Gajnagar—are yet to undergo a conclusive determination.


Ghaziabad, a vibrant urban hub that encompasses a diverse populace and a robust industrial sector, holds a significant place in the region’s socio-economic fabric. The potential renaming marks a potential milestone in the city’s narrative, aiming to reflect its cultural ethos and aspirations in a contemporary context.


While the discussion to rename Ghaziabad is underway, a concrete decision on the matter is pending as it progresses through the administrative and legislative channels. The proposed renaming is part of the Uttar Pradesh government’s larger initiatives aiming at cultural revitalization and redefining the historical narrative of various regions in the state.


The deliberations regarding the potential change of Ghaziabad’s name are anticipated to draw widespread attention and discussions across various sectors of society. The process is expected to unfold further as stakeholders weigh historical significance against contemporary identity in charting the city’s future nomenclature.