Kanpur, 20th July 2021: Hundreds of vendors have become millionaires selling paan, crispy chaat, and samosas. Fruit sellers also own hundreds of bighas of agricultural land.

You may have only one car, but some of these people have three cars each. But they are neither paying tax in the name of income tax nor GST. In the investigation of Big Data Software, Income Tax Department, and GST registration, 256 such vendors have turned out to be crorepatis.

The Income Tax Department had a long-secret eye on the hidden wealthy persons who appeared to be ‘poor’. Apart from monitoring only income taxpayers and taxpayers who file returns, the department is also continuously collecting data of such traders who are earning huge amounts of money in the street. State-of-the-art technology has started catching secret millionaires.

Bought property worth 375 crores in four years

Outside GST registration, these traders did not pay a single penny of tax but bought property worth Rs 375 crore in four years. These properties were bought in very expensive commercial areas like Aryanagar, Swaroop Nagar, Birhana Road, Hulaganj, Pirod, Gumti. Also bought residential land in South Kanpur.

Purchased KVPs worth more than 30 crores. They also became the owner of 650 bighas of agricultural land. These lands have been purchased in Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar, Bithur, Naramau, Mandhana, Bilhaur, Kakwan, Sarsaul to Farukhabad. The owners of two paan shops in Aryanagar, one in Swaroop Nagar, and two in Birhana Road have bought properties worth five crores during the Covid period. The poor man of Mall Road is paying rent of Rs 1.25 lakh every month on different carts. Two residents of Swaroop Nagar, Hulaganj bought two buildings. One of Lalbangla and two of Bekonganj have bought three properties in two years, whose market value is more than 10 crores. The chaat traders of Birhana Road, Mall Road, P Road invested a lot in the land. The number of small grocery traders and drug dealers outside the GST registration is more than 65 who have earned crores of rupees.

According to a senior official of the Income Tax Department, when there is a lot of income, every person looks for investment avenues. Since the lifestyle of the handcarts owners is very simple, so their expenses are limited and the savings are high. To ensure that the money could not come into the eyes of any department, they showed cleverness but could not beat the department. Most of the investment in the property had been done in the name of brother, sister-in-law, uncle, maternal uncle, and sister, but the PAN card was their own. As soon as PAN card and Aadhar came in only one property, the entire balance sheet was opened.