Patna (Bihar), 29th September 2022: A video of the Managing Director of Bihar Mahila Vikas Nigam is becoming increasingly viral. During a program, school girls requested authorities to provide sanitary pads free of cost.

Responding to this, MD Harjot Kaur said, “Today you are asking for sanitary pads; tomorrow you will ask for condoms.” In the video, school girls can be seen demanding free sanitary napkins so that they do not have to depend on others for their needs.

A school girl questioned, “The government is giving a lot of free stuff. Can’t they give us sanitary pads worth Rs 20-30?”

IAS officer Harjot Kaur, while answering the girl’s question said, “Is there any end to the demands? Tomorrow you will say that the government can give you jeans and beautiful shoes. When it comes to family planning, you also need free condoms.”

Kaur said, “Why do you need to take things from the government? This thinking is wrong.”

The girls refuted their claims, saying that the government promises to do a lot during elections for votes. To this, Harjot Karu said, “Don’t vote. Become Pakistan.”

Harjot Kaur later issued a statement saying, “I am known as one of the most outspoken champions of women’s rights and empowerment. The action taken by WCDC against the miscreants has now tarnished my reputation.”