07 November 2023: Bikaji Namkeen has become a familiar name for those who enjoy diverse cuisines, often finding its way into evening meals or snacks. Today, Bikaji Foods, the company behind these popular snacks, has garnered widespread recognition across India.

Established by Shivratan Agarwal, the grandson of Ganga Bishan Aggarwal, who also initiated India’s leading salty brand, ‘Halidram’. Shivratan’s father, Moolchand, was also deeply involved in the namkeen manufacturing trade. Despite his family’s legacy in ‘Haldiram’, Shivratan chose to forge his own path, founding the ‘Bikaji’ brand. This decision led to the evolution of Bikaji from its humble beginnings into a formidable company valued at over Rs 1000 crore today.

In 1993, Shivratan embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding Bikaji Foods. He sought international expertise, learning various snack-making techniques and acquiring knowledge about different types of machinery. With Bikaji Foods established, Shivratan devoted himself to its growth. The company’s repertoire expanded to include a diverse range of both savory and sweet snacks.

Within the initial decade of operation, Bikaji Foods commenced exporting its snacks to UAE and Australia, catapulting its growth. From its inception in 1993, the company has flourished into an entity valued at over Rs 1000 crore. Presently, Bikaji produces more than 300 varieties of namkeen and crafts over 200 tonnes of snacks daily. Its operations extend to 40 countries worldwide. Reports indicate that in FY22, Bikaji generated revenue of around Rs 1600 crore, boasting a valuation exceeding 1 billion dollars. This remarkable success is attributed to Shivratan’s unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of progress.