New Delhi, 20th July 2021: Being expensive petrol and diesel has a big impact on your pocket. Due to this, not only does the cost of the product increase, but due to the increase in freight, there is a ground-sky difference in the prices of essential commodities in different cities. For example, take the rate of potato, onion, tomato, mustard oil, milk etc. on July 19 only. For example, where the cost of one kg of mustard oil (pack) was Rs 223 in Tiruchirappalli, it was Rs 115 in Ahmedabad.

In the investigation of the Income Tax Department, the hawkers turned out to be millionaires, those who sold junk, chaat and fruits have also become rich.

The effect of the rent is such that in many places the prices of potatoes, onions and tomatoes have crossed Rs 50. Onion was Rs 50 in Dimapur and Rs 18 in Rajkot. On the other hand, when it comes to tomatoes, it has hit the half century in Port Blair, Tura and Dimapur, while in Jadcherla it is selling for only Rs 11. Potato is Rs 50 in Haldwani and Rs 12 per kg in Bareilly, Saharsa and Balasore. These figures are from the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.