Gorakhpur, 24th June 2022: Sonu Kumar who threatened to attack Yogi Aadityanath and  bomb Gorakhnath temple through a fake Twitter handle named ‘Lady Don’, has been brought from Agra to Gorakhpur by Gorakhpur Cantt Station Police. He was produced in court and then sent to prison from there. The arrested culprit is a resident of Firozabad Jail. A month ago Agra police arrested and sent him to prison. In the initial investigation, it was revealed that he is from Bhim Army. Police are investigating the matter seriously.

Threatened to blow up Gorakhnath Temple with ‘lady don’ ID
On February 4, Sonu Kumar Resident of Firozabad had threatened to blow up Gorakhnath Temple and Yogi Aadityanath with a bomb,  on his Twitter handle named ‘lady don’.  Three back-to-back tweets were made through this ID. In The first tweet, it was written that the bomb has been planted at Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, Railway Station and Bus stand.

Threatened to attack as a Human Bomb
The other tweets read, ” Bhim Sena president Seema Singh will attack the CM by posing as a human bomb.” And “Rashid has planted the bomb in Gorakhnath Temple.” After this police swung into action. then another tweet came that said that Suleman Bhai has planted the bomb in Gorakhnath Temple. on the order of SSP, the Cantr police were investigating the matter after a suit was filed against the ‘lady don’ named ID. Through which it was revealed that the real culprit was Sonu Singh, a resident of Ahmednagar under Sirsaganj Station area of Firozabad District. The cyber cell and Crime branch’s team reached Firozabad in search of him but did not succeed in finding him.

Agra Police had arrested a month ago
A month ago, The Agra Police had arrested him in a suit filed against him in Agra. inspector in charge of Cantt Station, Shashibhushan Rai said that Sonu was brought from Agra to Firozabad on warrant B.