– stated former ambassador Rajendra Abhyankar as the goal set by PM Modi.

– A unique book- ‘Indian Diplomacy : Beyond Strategic Autonomy’ unveiled in an event organized by PIC

Pune, July 2, 2018 : ‘‘There have been some important steps taken in last few years in terms of foreign policy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added an extra factor to India’s foreign policy which is to build India as a human resources power. This is our new goal. But there is no movement seen to move it forward and make it a national practice,’’ Opined Rajendra Abhyankar, Former Ambassador & Professor of Practice of Diplomacy and Public Affairs in an event in Pune.

In a program organized by Pune International Centre (PIC), the book ‘Indian Diplomacy : Beyond Strategic Autonomy’ written by Abhyankar was unveiled. Former Ambassador M. K. Mangalmurti, Dr. Vijay Kelkar, Vice President, PIC, Prof. Amitav Malik, Chairperson, Program Committee, PIC were present amongst the dignitaries.

Abhyankar said that there have been some important steps taken in terms of the foreign policy. We are active in various international groups of nations, interacting with the members of United Nation’s Security Council members, have good outreach in Africa and are improving our relations with certain countries.
He also said that, in the life of a nation, things start changing roughly in seven decades and we are seeing that in India too. After the end of Second World War, it’s the third generation in India. This generation is between the age of 15 to 30 and they are willing to ask questions. ‘‘There is a great deal of change in the entire world and we have learned to play this game. In last 2 to 3 years, there are new alignments between nations. In today’s world, there is a blurred line between economics and politics and Diplomacy can be seen in various forms,’’ He mentioned.