Pune 02 Jan 2019 Times Square Restaurant situated near Pulgate, Camp, is serving Maharashtrian Thali with Maharashtrian ‘Chulivarcha Jevan’ which would be a pocket friendly affair. Finding pocket friendly food has become rare nowadays, especially in an area like Camp where various expensive dining outlets have established. But Times Square Restaurant and Banquet Hall plans to offer pocket friendly rates and has a special emphasis on healthy food too. Camp area is famous for some traditional food outlets cafes and bakeries; Times Square Restaurant is similarly emerging as prominent outlet in that very area with growing footfall and satisfied customers day by day.
Times Square Restaurant offers variety of Cuisine from Breakfast to Lunch and Dinner. Customers at the restaurant have already chosen Upma, Bhaji, Paneer Pakoda, Sandwich, Pizzas, Pastas and Continental food as their favorite breakfast dishes. For Lunch and Dinner, the restaurant provides pure Maharashtrian food cooked on a traditional stove, which we all love to call as ‘Chulivarcha Jevan’ in Marathi.
The owner of the restaurant Dr. Ujjwala Sable said, “I, myself being a doctor, I have always advised my patients to opt of healthy food options. As now we are venturing into hoteling and hospitality business, we have kept our emphasis on giving out healthy food to our customers. It is said that the Maharashtrian Cuisine is one of the healthiest and nutritious cuisine, we have decided to make available Thalis cooked on tradition stove at very pocket friendly rates to our customers. We provide Chicken Thalis, Mutton Thalis, Fish Thalis and Egg Thalis all cooked on the traditional Indian stove.”
She further added, “The restaurant is spread across 3000 sqm and the Banquet Hall is 3000 sqm long. One can easily plan to host a Press Conference, Birthday Party, Corporate Parties or even Baby Shower or other eminent traditional events. The place also offers a parking space for more than 100 two wheelers and 30 four wheelers, tackling the crucial problem of parking in a busy area like camp. I appeal to all the foodies in Pune to take full advantage of this place and do visit to have a delicious ‘Chulivarcha Jevan’.”