Pune – A young Muslim techie Sarfaraz Khan took to Facebook to narrate how he was denied flat on rent just because he is a Muslim. It happened at Sukhwani Gracia off-Sus road.On June 10, he posted :”The year 2009 was the time when actor Emran Hashmi had filed a complaint of being denied to buy a property in Mumbai.The year 2018 is the time when another Muslim is being denied to rent a property in Pune and the reason remains the same – Muslims are not allowed in this society! Seriously?Pune is no different than Mumbai. Flat owners in Pune ask you for your surname first and then tell you – we are sorry, we are looking only for vegetarian tenants. By this they precisely mean, they don’t want to give it to a Muslim tenant. Or do they mean, its the Muslims alone in this world who eats both veg and non-veg?#Sukhwani Associates: Sukhwani Gracia – It won’t be wrong to call your society chairman a disgrace to mankind. I was openly told after wasting 2 days that the society is not allowing Muslim tenants here. Who the hell do you think we Muslims are? Are we any different than you? The flat owner had confirmed about getting into a legal agreement with me and later on started beating around the bush when I confronted. And the reason given to me was- Muslims are not allowed to live in this society! Really? What kind of society are we shaping for the future generation? I feel humiliated and frustrated not because I am denied to rent a property but because of the example, our elders are setting for the next generation. ”

He further posted, “I visited this property in Sukhwani Gracia where the owner of the property hailed from Mumbai. We spoke over the phone, i saw the property and confirmed to him. He said he is the man of words etc and said he is confirming about giving to me over the phone and will not deviate. I insisted him to be doubly sure, because of my bad experience in Pune about owners plainly refusing to have non-muslim owners and suggested him to check. He took 2 hours and didn’t come back and started chasing other potential customers online. He accidentally responded to me on Olx (my old just says: an old member) with his no at the time when i was expecting his confirmation. Rest is all there in the screenshots I am attaching. I was straight away told on the face that Chairman is not letting any Muslim to live in this society.”