Rohit Kachroo (Koshur Rohit), a Pune-based activist, on Friday lodged a complaint with Pune city police against Caravan magazine, its columnist Azaz Ashraf and Editor Hartosh Singh Bal, for offences under sections 153A, 295a, 505 120B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of jawans by disclosing their caste & highlighting their religion under planned criminal conspiracy with a sole intention to incite communal disharmony in the country.

The complaint has been filed with Warje Malwadi police station. The activist demanded registration of FIR and requested police to get the links of the article from social media and websites on internet.

“The applicant is a youth activist working for the prosperity & progress of the Nation by way of this communication wishes to bring to your kind notice the illegal and criminal acts of the accused people & the organization mentioned in the subject with an intention to simply Incite hatred and communal riots in the country by creating fault lines of religion and caste.
On 21st Feb, Caravan Magazine released an article online with the headline; ‘Urban upper-castes driving Hindutva nationalism have little representation among Pulwama’s slain jawans’. This article was written with the context of the unfortunate and mindless killing of our lawans by the Islamic Terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad on 14th Feb, 2019 in Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir)”, the complaint states.

It further adds, “when a Jawan sacrifices his life for the nation, he doesnt care about the caste or religion of the people living in the country. On the contrary, he forsakes his religious and social identity to be recognized only as an Indian. Mr. Azaz Ashraf who himself belongs to the Muslim religion, in the hour of the grief, called up Hindu families of the CRPF lawans and by his own admission in his article, enquired about the caste of the stained lawans. This has angered and disturbed millions of Hindus in the country. Needless to say, the families already in the trauma of losing their dear ones must also have had to bear extreme torture of answering the inconsequential questioning of Mr Ashraf. He did not stop there. In his article, Ashraf insinuates that Jat Sikhs join security forces to merely earn a living. Thereby suggesting, although they do not wish to serve the Nation but are in the profession, with a sole purpose to earn money. This has again enraged the minority Sikh community as well. The entire article is explicitly loaded with casteism, creed and religion of our security forces with an intention to lower their moral & unity.”

The complaint further continues, “You must be aware that the Islamic Terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad had released a video post the Fidayeen attack, in which the attacker, Adil Ahmad Dar, had ranted about his organization’s intentions of attacking the ‘Cow worshippers and Gaumutra drinking Hindus’. This had Inflamed passions in the millions of the Hindus in the country. Although the peace loving majority maintained its composure, this article is now widely seen as a deliberate attempt by the Muslim writer to divert all the attention of the Terror attacks by highlighting the Hindu castes of the Jawans while not even mentioning once, the religion of the Terrorist organization or the Islamic Jihadi attacker, Adil Ahmad Dar. The intention seemingly is to pit the lower caste Hindus against Upper caste Hindus and Upper caste Hindus against Muslims by inciting riots and disharmony in the country. In addition, by doing a caste analysis & with a malicious intent, Ashraf subtly pushes a narrative in readers mind that Kashmiri Muslims are killing lower caste Hindu Jawans. This is once again, a dear incitement to violence and communal riots.”

The version of Caravan magazine will be added getting it.