Bhopal : Saturday, February 2, 2019

Managing Director, MP Power Management Company Shri Sanjay Kumar Shukla has informed that the demand for power was recorded above 12 thousand MW on 92 days so far in this Rabi season. It may be noted that a maximum demand of over 13 thousand MW was recorded for 55 days. Maximum demand for electricity of 14 thousand 89 MW was recorded on January 5, 2019, which was successfully fulfilled. Shri Shukla told that more than 356.2 crore unit power was supplied compared to last year in the same period in October, November, December and January in Rabi season. Compared to last year in January month, 75.5 crore unit power was supplied.

Last year a maximum demand of 12 thousand 240 MW power was recorded on December 28, 2017. This year the maximum demand of 14 thousand 89 MW so far was registered on January 5, 2019. Compared to the maximum demand for power last year, this year the demand was 1,849 MW more.

More supply of 81.40 crore units in December 2018

The total power supply in December 2018 was 790.30 crore units and in December 2017, it was 708.89 crore units. In this way, more than 81.40 crore units of power were supplied in December 2018.

75.5 crore units more supply in January 2019

The total power supply in January 2019 was 764 crore units compared to 688.5 crore units in January 2018. In this way, more than 75.5 crore units of power were supplied in January 2019.