Pune, Maharashtra: Today, Kashmiri Pandit Hindu Youth, officially launched KP Startups & Business Conferences with a vision to create a platform for the KP Startups and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to come together and grow. The ecosystem aims to nurture entrepreneurship and facilitating success stories.

They also aim at assisting in reaching out to SMEs, potential customers, Angels and Venture Capitalists (VCs).

As a part of this initiative & pre-launch, the First KP Startup Conference was organized in NCR Delhi on the 7th April, 2018. The conference was attended by 25 SME and Startup Owners.

KP Startups is also now organizing the 2nd Business conference in Pune on Sunday 8th July, 2018 and about 60 to 70 SMEs and Startups from across India (Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Jammu & Kashmir etc.) will participate in the conference.

Addressing the media at Patrakar Bhawan, Rohit Kachroo, Co-Convenor & Spokesperson – KP Startups, said, “Kashmiri Hindus Pandits are in exile since early 1990 after Islamic religious fundamentalists in the valley of Kashmir took to armed subversion and terrorism and drove us out of our centuries old habitat. Kashmiri Hindu Pandits have been subjected to the most brutal atrocities and we have been isolated politically and economically. KP Startups is a platform for our community to sustain itself economically in these turbulent times. One of the core priorities of KP Startups is the economic improvement of the exiled Hindu community by being a force multiplier in the inter-community trade.”

When asked about the importance of KP Startups platform for the KP community, Abbinow Talashi, Co-Convener – KP Startups responded, “The KP Startups envisages an ecosystem to facilitate learning, sharing and mutual benefit of Kashmiri Pandit Hindus. KP Startups & Business Conferences will actively work towards changing the mindset of the community from being Job oriented to Business oriented.”

The Core Team and Organizers of Pune Conference are Rakesh Ganjoo, Umesh Talashi, Uday Tikoo, Rahul Kher, Vikram Koul, Abbinow Talashi & Rohit Kachroo.