Based on a request from ONGC, ENC deployed a UH3H helicopter from INS Dega for airlifting technical team and crew members of Olinda Star, a semi-submersible drilling platform in KG Basin off Kakinada on 21 December 18. The helicopter commenced the operation by winching down two MARCOs to facilitate winching down of the technical team and crew members from Kakinada. In a daring operation, the helicopter successfully winched down 13 members of ONGC team onto the tilted helo deck of the oil rig and recovered the MARCOs. INS Chetlat, a Water Jet Fast Attack Craft was also deployed close to the rig to render assistance as required.Olinda Star on lease by ONGC was moored in KG Basin. Prior to the onset of Severe Cyclone Phethai, the crew suspended operations and were evacuated to shore for shelter. ‘Olinda Star’ is observed to be tilted and possibly sustained damage by the impact of Severe Cyclone Phethai which crossed the cost close to Kakinada. Previously, the Technical Team of ONGC and the crew attempted to board the rig by boat turned out to be unsuccessful due to adverse swell conditions.