An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was recovered by #IndianArmy near Nalajan village between Duliajan and Digboi on the first day of elections thereby averting a major disaster in Upper Assam on 11 Apr.

The IED was detected by troops while carrying out area domination. It was planted on the roadside along the oil pipeline between the refinery at Digboi and Duliajan. Immediately on detection, the troops cordoned off the site thereby ensuring safe movement of people and vehicles on the road.

The officials at Oil India Limited were asked to stop the oil supply urgently as triggering of the IED could have led to loss of lives and intense damage to the infrastructure. Simultaneously, a Bomb Disposal Squad from Army was rushed in a helicopter to the site which took the IED to a nearby safe location. The IED weighing approximately 3 Kgs was encased in a waterproof steel container and fitted with a remote control mechanism for detonation.

The vigilance by Army during this sensitive period and courage displayed by Bomb Disposal Squad averted a major mishap in the region. The IED was taken to a safe location away from the population and was destroyed at 05:10 pm.