On 4.01.2019, team of Special Cell led by InspectorChandrika Prashad and Insp. Amul Tyagi under the supervision of ACP Attar Singhhas arrested a notorious criminal namelySurender Singh Sodhi @ Shammi s/oRam Chander Sodhi r/o D-33 main Market Shakarpur, Delhi. One .32 bore pistoland 5 live cartridges have been recovered from his possession at the time ofhis arrest. Surender Singh Sodhi @ Shammi, age 46 years, is wanted in a numberof cases including that of  MCOC Act and anattempt to murder in Delhi. A cash reward of Rs 50,000/- was declared by DelhiPolice on information leading to his arrest in case FIR No. 22/2018u/s 307/506/120 B/34 IPC and 27/54/59 Arms Act, PS Preet Vihar, Delhi.

Alok Khera, an aide of the underworld Don Chhota Rajan wasshot dead by Shammi in Mumbai.


During the last one month, it was learntthrough reliable source that Surender Singh Sodhi @ Shammi, who is wanted in cases of attemptmurder and MCOC Act Case of Delhi, has been hiding in the area of West Delhi. Inorder to develop this information, a team was deployed in West Delhi area. On04.01.2019, specific information was received through a secret source that Surender SinghSodhi @ Shammi would come in the area of Moti Nagar to meet an associate atabout 2:30 AM. Accordingly, a team was sent there to track the accused. At about2.40 am on 04/01/19, SurenderSingh Sodhi @ Shammi was apprehended by the team and one .32 bore loaded pistol(with 5 live cartridges) was recovered from his possession. A case under appropriate sections of law hasbeen registered at Police Station SpecialCell in this regard.


SurenderSodhi @ Shammi is infamous not only in Delhi but he also has several criminal cases in Mumbai and Haryana. He isa high-profile criminal who is fond of driving expensive cars, visitingfive-star hotels and partying in the upscale bars and pubs of Delhi and Mumbai.He is active in Shakarpur and adjoining areas of Trans Yamuna. He was born in 1972 in a well to do family. Hisfather used to deal in iron scrap and also had a beer bottling plant in YamunaNagar, Haryana. Shammi completed his initialstudies from a Govt. School in Shakarpur, Delhibut dropped out of school after 10th class ashe had fallen in bad company. Right from hisschool days, he was involved in several cases of assault, where he attacked hisvictims with sharp edged weapons. Between 1990 and 1992 he was arrested in foursuch cases. He was also arrested in an assault case along with notoriousgangster Hemu Gujjar, who was also his classmate in school.

Afterhe dropped out of the school, he ascended in the criminal world and came intouch with dreaded criminals like Syria Pehlwan, Shri Prakash Shukla,Yashbir FoujiRohtash Pandit etc. He was declared Bad Character of PS Shakarpur at the age of21 years. In the year 1997, Shammiwas attacked by Rakesh Bedi and Girish at the behest of gangster RohtashPandit. As a result of this assault, Shammi remained in coma for 5-6days. Rohtash Pandit was a dreaded gangster who had murdered Kushal Pal Tyagi,brother of a UP Govt. minister. In order to take revenge, Shammi contactedSyria Pehlwan who was lodged in Jail and requested for Pehlwan’s help. Pehlwanarranged a weapon for him. Subsequently, Shammi along with his associateseliminated Rohtash Pandit. Shammi was arrested in this case.

After a few months, Shammi got interim bail inPandit murder case. While he was out of jail, Syria Pehalwan asked him to meet Shri Prakash Shukla, anotorious gangster of U.P. On the directions of Syria, he provided shelter andlogistic support to Shri Prakash Shukla in Delhi.

In 2000, Shammi along with his associates Devender Rana,Satbir Rana, Rakesh Bhandari and Yashbir Fauji helped notorious criminal BuntyGujjar in escaping from the custody of UP Police from PS Murad Nagar area. Theyalso looted the service weapons (Two riffles and one carbine) of UP policeofficials who were escorting Bunty Gujjar. Subsequently, Shammi was arrested in this case and remained in jail forabout one year. Yashbir Fauzi died in an encounter with a Special Cell team in the year 2006.

            Shammi again started his crime spree in 2003, when he entered into the house of his rival Rakesh Bedi who hadattempted to kill him in 1997. Rakesh was not present in the house and in desperation, Shammi shot at Rakesh’s mother and brother.

After this case, Shammi escaped from Delhi, wentto Mumbai and killed one Alok Khera @ Babbu, a relative of underworld donChotta Rajan at the behest of Khera’s wife. Alok Khera @ Babbu used to run aBar in Mumbai and had monetary dispute with his wife Asha. Surender Sodhi camein touch with Asha, while she was staying in Ashok Vihar, Delhi.Shammi along with associates killed Alok Khera @ Babbu to helpAsha. His crime spree temporarily ended in October 2003, when he was arrestedin Faridabad, Haryana, while driving a car with fake number plate.He remained in jail for about 5 years after arrestin said case.

After coming out of jail, Shammistarted dealing in disputed properties in East Delhi area. In 2009, he wasagain booked for threatening a business rival over a property dispute. In 2010,he came in contact with Lucky Gupta r/o Preet Vihar, Delhi. He started to hang outwith Lucky in five-stars clubs of Delhi. Later a monetary dispute developedbetween them and Shammi fired 3-4 bullets to terrorize Lucky and his family.Subsequently, in February 2018, he entered into Lucky’s house in Preet Vihararea and fired upon Ravi Gupta, father of Lucky. After this incident, he ranaway from his home and kept evading his arrest. A reward of Rs 50,000/- hasalso been declared on his arrest in this case of PS PreetVihar. In September 2018, a case under MCOC Act was registeredagainst his organized crime syndicate in PS Shakarpur, Delhi. He is yet to bearrested in this case.

His associate BuntyGujjar died in March 2000 in Keshavpuram Delhi, in an exchange of fire with ateam of  Spl Cell. Shriprakash Shukladied in 1998 during an exchange of fire in Ghaziabad in a joint operation byCrime Branch of Delhi Police and UP Police. In 1999 his assocaiate SyriaPehlwan died near gate of Ashoka Hotel Delhi in 1999 in during an exchange offire with Delhi Police but his rival gangster Madan Bhaiya escaped from spot. Hisother associate Yashvir Fauji died in 2007 in Sarta Vihar during exchange offire with a team of Special Cell, Delhi Police. In 1997, Shammi along with hisassociate eliminated his friend turned foe Rohtash Pandit in the area of Shakarpur Delhi.