Bhopal : Saturday, February 2, 2019

Religious Trust and Endowments, Public Relations, Law and Legal Affairs, Science and Technology and Aviation Minister Shri P.C. Sharma and Commercial Tax Minister Shri Brijendra Singh Rathore today performed bhoomi pujan of Rani Ganesh Kunwari Yatri Seva Sadan costing Rs 96 lakhs in Orchha in Niwadi district.

Endowments Minister Shri Sharma said that this is the first bhoomi-pujan work of Spirituality Department being started from Orchha so that the state’s temple culture and its properties remain protected and these temples and properties are managed properly and the devsthans are used for good purpose. Shri Sharma said that the government is working at a fast pace for the development of all devsthans. The process of appointment of priests is being fixed. A three-time hike is being made in their honorarium. Rules are being made to rent out buildings, shops, property etc. of devsthans. Development of properties of Devsthans which fall under urban area is being planned.

Pujari Kalyan Kosh to be formed

Minister Shri Sharma told that the government is forming a Pujari Kalyan Kosh through which the government will pay attention to the education and health of children of priests. Arrangement of insurance of priests will be made. Children of priests who wish to study in Sanskrit will be provided education up to Acharya level.

Keshavkunj Mangal Parisar and Rai Praveen Vividh Kala Kendra to be developed

Shri Sharma said that Keshavkunj Mangal Parisar and Rai Praveen Vividh Kala Kendra will be developed in Orchha in the next phase with the joint funds of Madhya Pradesh Teerth Mela Pradhikaran and Ramraja temple. Keshavkunj Mangal Parisar will not only help retain the memories of Mahakavi Keshav but will also be an ideal spot for organising religious events like Katha Bhagvat Vivah etc. in Orchha. Rai Praveen Vividh Kala Kendra dedicated to Rai Praveen, who once mesmerized Ramraja temple with her singing and dance, will be a memorial for those pursuing arts. The centre will also boost bhajans, keertans, dance and other art forms in Orchha. He also mentioned about the construction of dharamshalas worth Rs 20 lakh each in Jeeran and Achru Mata in the next phase.

Solar unit to be installed in Ramraja temple

Endowments Minister Shri Sharma told that a solar unit system will be installed in the Ramraja temple. A master plan will be prepared to fully develop Orchha as a tourist spot keeping in mind its needs for the next 50 years.

Presiding over the programme Commercial Tax Minister Shri Rathore said that Orchha is a centre of faith for all. He said that he presented workplans for the development of Achru Mata Mandir, Saket Ramayan Museum and other devsthans along with the all round development of Orchha so that the region is developed and the youth and local persons get jobs.