Bhopal : Saturday, February 2, 2019

The state government has issued instructions for regular inspection and supervision of fair price shops to strengthen the public distribution system. The collectors have been asked to inspect all the fair price shops of the district and conduct weekly review of the distribution system. The inspection roster will be prepared by the collector and the liability will be assigned to the competent authorities.

The district collectors have been told to prepare the inspection roster in such a manner that the concerned officer inspects the fair price shop at least once a week. The inspection report should be reviewed by the collector every week. In the case of a general error found in the shops, an instructional tip should be recorded in the suggestion register. If serious irregularity is found, then the case should be prepared by the inspection officer and presented to the allocation officer. It has been clarified in the directive that in case of serious irregularities, urgent action should be taken by the allocation officer.

Disciplinary action will be ensured against concerned officer if negligence is reflected in the inspection as per the directives of the fair price shops. The inspection report will be sent regularly by the Collector to the Director, Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection in the first week of every month.