Mumbai, June 27 – CM Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday launched Dial 100 and other various initiatives by MumbaiPolice. Ministers Ranjit Patil,Deepak Kesarkar was present. Total 975 GPS vehicle tracking systems connected with dial 100 & also integrated with CCTV network. Services launched by CM Devendra Fadnavis include MPIS and ABMIS. MPIS is a system developed to keep pace of work in paperless manner and access to all police stations with all sensitive data while but keeping secrecy.

ABMIS is fingerprinting system. CM launched M-Passport App for easy police verification, video conferencing facility for core policing, Samvad App for better & efficient communication. CM also launched ‘Police Didi’ to protect rights of children and women at each police station.

Mumbai Police has done technological upgradation to a great extent in 3 years & this is important for transparency and accountability, he added.

” Quick response has been improved. We have been able to increase conviction rate. Dial 100 is now more predictive, it’s integration with CCTV is most important feature. This upgradation will help in utilising extra manpower on ground”, said CM.

Biometric database with Mumbai Police is huge now. “We are trying to do same in other cities. Police Foundation is also a good initiative for welfare of our policemen. Now we can take assistance through CSR. This experiment by MumbaiPolice is done for the 1st time in India”, CM says.