Budget session of Assembly begins

Raipur, 05 February 2018 – Governor Mr. Balramjidas Tandon today said that the State Government is working for the welfare of villages, poor, farmers, depressed sections of the society, other backward classes on a top priority basis. The policies had been tailored to meet the aspirations of children, women, youth, differently able and senior citizens. The State is progressing in all sectors and topped the list of states in implementing social welfare projects.

Farmers’ income to be doubled by year 2022

Governor Mr. Tandon said that there is rapid increase in production of rice by 47 per cent, wheat by 147 per cent,  pulses by 43 per cent, oil seeds 158 per cent and horticulture crops by 406 per cent during the past 14 years. The State Government had been making efforts to meet the goal of doubling the farmers’ incomes by the year 2022. The Indira Gandhi Agriculture University had developed new kinds of  22 species of  paddy , wheat, masoor, grams, sem, turmeric, mango and other crops. The fish seeds production had touched 222 crore.

‘Soil Health Cards’ project 111 per cent achievement

The State Government had achieved 111 per cent target in Soil Health Cards. The soil is tested and then the farmers are advised which crops should be grown. The authorities are keen on lessening the investment and high production to help the farmers. The electricity is provided free of cost to the farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Rs 2100 crore paddy bonus distributed to farmers

Mr. Tandon added that Rs 2100 crore had been distributed to farmers as paddy bonus during the ‘Bonus Tihar’. Sixty-nine lakh metric ton paddy had been purchased last year. Chhattisgarh has gained nation-wide fame in the purchase of paddy on Minimum Support Price (MSP) and its transparency.

14 markets linked with ‘E-Nam’

Chhattisgarh State is strengthening the National agriculture Bazaar (E-NAM) . Fourteen mandis had been uplinked with ‘E-NAM’. The farmers are able to access the markets rates from all over the country.

Rs 437 crore to damaged crops’ subsidy

The State Government had declared 96 tehsils in 21 districts as drought-affected in the current fiscal and distributed Rs 437 crore to farmers as subsidy to damaged crops. The revenue collections had also been cancelled in the drought-hit regions. The farmer shave been rescued from acute distress.

Innovations in water resources development

Several innovative techniques had been adopted in developing farming, industry, trade, providing basic amenities and providing water. The irrigation facilities had been increased from 23 per cent to 36 per cent capacity. In order to meet cent per cent irrigation demand in the year 2028 ‘Mission Target Bhagirathi’ had been launched. One lakh one thousand and 795 hectare land had been brought under cultivation in the year 2016-2017.

Prime Minister Irrigation Project

Chhattisgarh had gained from the Prime Minister Irrigation Project. The Kelo-district Raigarh, Kharangt-district Bilaspur and Maniyari-district Mungeli irrigation projects will irrigate 42 thousand 625 hectare land in ten years.

MoU inked with Eesha Foundation to revive rivers

The State Government is keen on inter-linking of rivers. Mahanadi-Tandula, Pairi-Mahanadi, Rehar-Atem, Ahiran-Kharang, Hasdeo-Kevai, Kodar-Naini will be revived and developed soon. MoU had been signed to assist in technical sector to revive and give new life to rivers.

Rs 50 thousand subsidy to E-Rickshaws

The amount of subsidy for E-Rickshaws  had been increased to Rs 50 thousand. The State Government is keen on assisting the labour in the unorganized sector. A palte of meal is being provide at Rs 5 to the workers at ‘chawdis’.

Rs 2500 per Tendupatta bag

The Governor Mr. Balramjidas Tandon said that the authorities are paying Rs 2500 per bag to Tendu patta collectors. An amount of Rs 274 crore had been distributed at ‘Tendu patta Tihar’. Other minor forest produce also are being provided at Minimum Support Price. Three crore saplings had been planted on more than 21 thousand farmers’ dry arid land. ‘Oxy-Forest’ have been developed on  one thousand 186 hectare land in 87 towns.

Scholarships to 72 thousand students

An amount of Rs 8 crore 63 lakh had been given away to 72 thousand students by the Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Sangh’s ‘ Aam Admi Beema Yojana’. The standard of living is improving due to several steps being taken by the State.

Pronunciation issue resolved in Caste certificates

The  population of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes is huge in the State.  The names of certain sections when translated from English to Hindi were  creating difficulties in spellings-pronunciation which has been solved.

Opportunities to natives in Bastar-Surguja divisions

The date for recruitment of locals in jobs for Bastar and Surguja divisions had been again postponed to 31st December 2018. Pre-Examination Training centres had been created at Kawardha and Narayanpur.  High-quality  education-training facilities are being provided at the Naxalites affected districts under the ‘Mukhyamantri Baal Bhavishya Suraksha Yojana’.

‘Ekalavya Adarsh’ boarding schools increased

The number  of Ekalavya Adarsh boarding schools had been increased to 25.

Rs  26 hundred crore works sanctioned under Prime Minister Minerals Welfare Yojana

The Governor said that Rs 2600 crore had been allocated to 23 thousand development works under the ‘Prime Minister Minerals Area Welfare Project’.

Transparency in Minerals’ management

‘Web-Based Minerals Online’  had been introduced to encourage transparency in all the dealings. Roads worth Rs 300 crore are laid in the regions. The funds are being raised for 311 kilometer  Eat Corridor and East-West Corridor.

828 lakh mandays employment created under MNREGA

The State Government had created 828 lakh mandays of employment under the MNREGA. Fifty days of additional employment had been generated adding up to 28 lakh mandays of employment.

11 lakh women employed under Rural Livelihood Mission

Eleven lakh 66 thousand women had been provided with employment  in 85 development blocks under the Rural Livelihood Mission. 214 bank mitras are providing financial services in 44 development blocks in 20 districts. Eighteen Clusters had been selected under Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission to provided basic amenities.

One-Stop centre ‘Sakhi’ in all districts

Governoe Mr. Balramjidas Tandon said that the State Government is empowering women by providing educational, medical and giving rights. The nation’s first One-Stop centre ‘Sakhi’ had been established in Raipur.

Malnourishment level falls drastically

About  2 lakh women and 10 lakh children had been freed from malnourishment under the ‘ Mhatari Jatan Yojana’ and Mukhyamantri Amrut Yojana’. 30 per cent reservation to Chhattisgarh women in all Government jobs.

Food Security to 82 per cent citizens in State

The project to issue ration cards in the names of women householders had been hugely successful. Food Security covers 82 per cent of the citizens in the State. The ration material is supplied through the 11 thousand 898 fair price computerized shops.

Gas connections to 18 lakh women

About 18 lakh women had been provided with domestic gas connections under the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’ ‘Ujjwala Project’. The target is to cover 35 lakh poor women.

Raipur, Bilaspur and Naya Raipur selected for Smart City Mission

The State Government is keen on developing Smart Cities. Raipur, Bilaspur and Naya Raipur had been selected for the Smart City Project. Rajnandgaon, Bhilai and Korba are being developed as Smart Cities by the Urban Bodies and the State.

RERA constituted to boost investment in real estate

The State Government  had constituted RERA to encourage investment in real estate. Pollution-free industries are being encouraged in Naya Raipur.

168 urban Bodies declared ODF

Mr. Tandon said that all the 168 urban bodies had been declared ‘Open Defecation-Free’ and the entire State will be declared ODF one year ahead of target by 2 October 2018.


Housing for all by year 2022

To achieve the goal of ‘housing for all by year 2022’ given at national level, target of building four lakh houses in 168 urban bodies of Chhattisgarh has been set under Prime Minister Housing Scheme. Construction of nearly 89 thousand houses has already been sanctioned. In rural areas, 6 lakh 88 thousand families are to be allotted houses in three years, out of which construction of two lakh 21 thousand houses has been completed.

My Government is working strenuously to maintain law and order. District and Session Court has been started in newly-built Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. Notification to establish District and Session Court has been released.

Expansion of School Education Facilities

State Government has opened schools on large-scale, because of which state has a primary school at every one km, middle school at every 3km. Now action is being taken to ensure availability of a high-school att every 5km and a higher secondary school at every 7km.

Special Initiative To Improve Quality Of School Education

Implementation of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Education Quality Campaign, active participation of administration and society has been ensured. Database of school is being digitized and each school has been allotted a computer tablet, so that teachers may deploy the benefits of information technology to improve quality of teaching-learning. Total one lakh 28 thousand teachers have been trained from standard one to eighth. ‘Sampark kit’ is being distributed to students for improving  their English and Mathematics skills. ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ is being conducted to boost curiosity, innovation and scientific approach in children. Under RTE, 2 lakh eight thousand children have been given admission in provate schools and student accident insurance amount has been increased from Rs 10 thousand to Rs one lakh.

PG College in every district

Biggest achievement of my government in higher education sector is opening minimum one PG college in every district of state and opening new colleges in tribal populated areas for promoting higher education there. This year new college has been established in Jawanga. 14 government colleges in Ramanujganj, Bijapur, Jagdalpur, Narayanpur, Sukma, Kondagaon, Gariaband, Surajpur have been given status of PG college. Number of women colleges in state has reached 21 and all the colleges have free education facility till graduation level.

Gross Enrollment Ratio increases from 3.5% to 16 %

This year science and other subjects have been started in 62 colleges. Five residential college have been opened in  Rajnandgaon, Raipur, Durg, Kanker and Jagdalpur, wheren students from remote areas are recruited on 50% of the seats. Online admission facility has benefitted 80 thousand youth. Various efforts have let to 16% increase from 3.5% and 16%.

Besides education, youth is being encouraged to make career in sports. Sports infrastructure is being continuously developed. ‘Chhattisgarh Sports Policy-2017’ has been released, which includes sports related provisions, talent hints, tournaments, incentives and awards for all age group. Moreover, provisions regarding use of information technology, gender equality and pro-disable provisions have also been included

Regional Rehab Centre established in Rajnandgaon

Governor Mr. Tandon said that my government has implemented better schemes for rehabilitation of disable people, for which it has also bagged national award of ‘Best State’ this year. In Rajnandgaon, national-level regional rehab centre has been established, where 8000 disable people have been rehabilitated.

First Yog-Ayog of the country in Chhattisgarh

My government has got the opportunity of constituting the first ‘Yog Ayog’ of the country. On 21 June 2017, nearly 55 lakh 50 thousand people simultaneously practiced yoga at 29 thousand 217 places. Thousands of trainers have been prepared to promote yoga.

Livelihood College in every district

Under the Right to Skill Development made by my government, three lakh 37 thousand youth have been trained, most of whom have got good employment opportunities. Two thousand 668 vocational training providers and 1540 evaluators are part of this work. Each district has its own Livelihood College being conducting in its own building, well-furnished.

Prime Minister Safe Maternity Campaign

My Government has taken multi-level and multi-dimensional steps for building Healthy Chhattisgarh, which has catalyzed the process of individual and institutional empowerment. Prime Minister Safe Maternity Campaign has ensured participated of both government and provate doctors, because of which more than two lakh pregnant women have got relief from delivery-related issues in last one year. Under Chirayu Yojana, 97 lakh children have been examined  and 16 lakh children have been treated. Keeping in view the success of Mukhyamantri Kshay Poshan Yojana, Government of India has directed its implementation in other states of the nation as well.

High-level Cancer Treatment Facility Available

Blood banks are being opened in remote areas such as Sukma, Bijapur, Dantewada, Surajpur, which has increased the number of blood banks in entire state to 76. 100 Mukhyamantri Gram Swasthya Suraksha Kendra are being conducted; target has been set to increase its number to 500. CT Simulator, ICU unit, and linear accelerator, rapid arch, and IGRT machines have been installed in Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College for complete treatment of caner patients. Dr Bheemrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital has also been equipped with DCA Machine, Mammography machine, 128 slice CT scan, 3 texla MRI, navigation system.

Udaan Yojana : Affordable air services

As a part of efforts to expand aviation facility in Chhattisgarh, runways of Swami Vivekananda Airport, Mana have been extended, which has increased the number of big planes taking flight and air connectivity with various cities has improved. New airstrips have been developed in Balrampur and Jashpur, airstrips in Bijapur and Dantewada will be soon developed. Raigarh air strip is being upgraded as airport. Under Regional Connectivity Scheme, internal aviation services will be soon started in the state, for which Ambikapur, Jagdalpur and Bilaspur have been enlisted under Udaan Yojana to commence affordable flight services in these cities.

Connectivity Revolution Mega Campaign

My Government is conducting connectivity revolution campaign, under which road, railway, aviation and teleconnectivity facilities are being developed at an accelerated pace. In past one year, 2644 km of roads have been constructed and upgraded, and construction of 3582kms of road from various funds is in progress. Construction of 27 major bridges has been completed and construction of 178 major bridges is in progress, construction of four bypass roads has been completed and construction of 5 is in progress. Construction of one railway under-bridge has been completed and construction of 9 railway over-under bridge is in progress.

PMGSY: 8828 hamlets connected through all-weather roads

Under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojanam 32 thousand 132 kms of road and 281 big bridges and culverts have been sanctioned, out of which construction of 27408 kms of roads and construction of 94 major bridges-culverts has been completed. Likewise, 8828 hamlets have been connected through all-weather roads.

Villages to get benefits of Digital India through Bharat-Net and Bastar-Net

In the IT super-highway of state, connectivity system has been developed at three levels. Through Bharat-Net, all the gram panchayats will be connected through optical fibre network. Under Bastar-Net, all the districts of Bastar Division are being linked through ring type optical fiber, 75% work of which has been completed. In this way, through SKY scheme, infrastructure is being developed to provide mobile connectivity among all the citizens of state.

More than Rs 1900 crore transferred through DBT

My Government is promoting DBT in all its public welfare schemes, through which more than Rs 1900 crore has been transferred till date. Lok Seva Kendra are providing 110 types of public utility services, which is benefitting lakhs of people of the state.

Saubhagya Yojana: Electricity Supply to every household by 2018

My Government’s efforts have made Chhattisgarh an ideal state in terms of development in power sector. The goal of 100 per cent electrification, given under ‘Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana – Saubhagya’, will be achieved by 2018 in state.

Development of Tourism sector

My Government is conducting numerous schemes for development of our prestigious heritage, art, culture, literature, history and archaeological sites. Shivrinarayan-Rajim-Sihava religious tourism spot under Ram Van Gaman Path is being developed as Dandkaranya Paryatan Paripath. Under Ek-Bharat-Shreshth-Bharat, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat states have been teamed for mutual cultural and tourism development.

New Excise Policy bans sale of illegal lliqour

 New Excise policy of my government has put an end to the sale of illegal liquor in the state and the environment in rural areas has become more peaceful.

Implementation of GST in State

Governor Mr. Tandon said that- To implement GST- the new tax system under the vision of ‘one nation, one tax’,  all the check posts in Chhattisgarh were closed with immediate effect. On recommendation of the state, GST Council reduced GST on various goods and made necessary revisions.

Chhattisgarh ranks fourth in ‘Ease of Doing Business’

My Government made various improvements, which made Chhattisgarh to secure fourth position in the country in terms of ease of doing business. This has further led to positive results in inviting investors for industrial development. 168 MoUs have been signed for investment of Rs 2.40 thousand crore in steel, cement, aluminum, electronics, food processing, solar, rail corridor, fertilizer and other sectors, out of which production in 54 of these projects has already started and in 66 other projects, establishment work is in progress. 661 small and micro industries have been established already.

Industrial Development in Tribal Region

NMDC’s Nagarnar Steel Plant is likely to start this year. Industrial area in Lakhanpur area of Kanker district and Teknar area of Dantewada district is being developed. Under Dallirajhara-Raoghat Rail Project, 17km rail line has been laid from Gudum to Bhanupratappur.

Special Start Up Policy Implemented

Electronic Manufacturing Park in Naya Raipur and Tool room worth Rs 100 crore in Borai industrial area of Durg district is being established. On the lines Government of India’s initiatives, My Government has started special start-up policy in state, under which 36 Inc has been commenced. The campaign to double the income of farmers has also been associated with industrial development, and for this agriculture and food processing sectors are being promoted.

Police Force Empowerment

In last one decade, more than with more than 49 thousand recruitments, the size of police force has been tripled. Moreover, the measures to modernize, train and other strategic approaches have improved the competency and skills of police force manifolds. Senior Citizen Cell has been established. Highway patrolling is conducted to prevent road accidents. Police stations are being linked under Crime Criminal Tracking Network System. Process of FIR is being computerized. Police is being provided high-level training for combating the challenge of naxalism. Four Special Task Force Hubs are also being made for effective action against naxalism. Moreover, dependents of martyr police personnel are being provided appointment on compassionate grounds on priority basis, as per their qualification.

Fast Developing State Chhattisgarh

Governor Mr. Tandon said that my government has transformed the identity of Chhattisgarh from the state known as backward to the state that is one of the fastest developing state in the country. People of state have actively participated in the development activities because of good governance, innovation and public welfare schemes. Chief Minister Good Governance Fellowship Programme will widely benefit the young talent of the country, where they will be able to utilize their new ideas, study, technology and new energy in administrative works of the state.