The Central Bureau of Investigation and INTERPOL jointly organized a 03 day Workshop on CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosives) in Goa.

This workshop on CBRNE was held under the INTERPOL Project Watchmaker which envisages to consolidate the information held by respective countries on individuals involved in the acquisition, manufacture or use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Chemical Agents, Biological Agents or Toxins, and emerging technologies used to deploy CBRNE materials. The Project, further proposes to expand the INTERPOL database and produce analytical reports that highlight emerging developments, tactics and manufacturers of CBRNE materials.

The CBI, which represents INTERPOL in India, played an important role by arranging Indian domain experts and facilitating in the preparation for this international workshop. The MHA and MEA also played an active role in facilitating the visits of the INTERPOL Staff from France and experts from Bangladesh.

The workshop was attended by 04 domain experts from the Sub-Directorate of CBRNE, Lyon France. There were 10 Police Officers of different ranks and experts in this area from Bangladesh. The Indian Delegation consisted of experts from NSG, NIA and the National Bomb Data Centre and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

During the 03 days of deliberations, the experts gave well- researched presentations on the global scenario of CBRNE, INTERPOL Notices System and data bases which can be effectively used for intelligence gathering and locating bomb makers in the 194 INTERPOL member countries. The Indian experts presented detailed and well-researched presentations on number of serious bomb blasts during the last couple of years which had caused extensive damage to life and property.

The Head of the INTERPOL Team also gave a detailed presentation on the London Bombing in 2017 in which the details were provided regarding how chemicals and material freely available in the super markets, can be used to manufacture crude bombs and to trigger bomb blasts in public areas causing serious loss of life and property.

The workshop was inaugurated by Director General of Police, Goa.