– Decision taken to facilitate the construction of new terminal

Pune, January 2, 2019 : The Cargo area on Lohegaon Airport is going to be relocated in the presently vacant BSO yard land. This will facilitate the construction of the new terminal building of the airport.

A meeting was held on December 26 , in new delhi at the residence of Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road transport and Highways, who is also the Chairman of Infrastructure Committee, Govt of India. Nirmala Sitaraman, Defense Minister, Girish bapat, Guardian Minister, Pune, MP Anil Sirole and MP Dilip Gandhi were present for the meeting along with the officers of Defense Ministry, National Highways Authority of India and Airports Authority of India.

In this meeting, the issue related to Pune airport development was discussed and it is decided to relocate the cargo area in BSO yard land (Barack Store Office yard land) .

It was requested to allow relocation of cargo area in vacant land behind the hangers. It was emerged that a formal proposal may be forwarded for positive consideration of the issue.

In the meeting it was also requested to expedite the process of land allotment to IAF and AAI by state government for relocation of BSO yard and CWE office (Commander Works Engineer Office). Till the time it is fully relocated, AAI to be given working permission for relocation of cargo in presently vacant BSO yard land to facilitate the construction of new terminal building.

MP Shirole said that the issue of the Chandni Chauk flyover was also discussed in the same meeting and the working permission is granted for the area of 0.48 Hector R that lies between Chandni Chauk to NDA.