By Vinam Pachkhede

Pune: While the whole country is busy taking up the #humfittohindiafit fitness challenge; Bihar’s Vikas Kumar and his family is suffering a loss. According to Vikas, his brother Brijesh Kumar was in Pune for the trackman’s training. But due to excessive workload, he faced death.

They also claimed that Brijesh and other trainees were severely oppressed and enslaved. Forcing them to work at the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM)’s bungalow at Sangam Park. Brijesh’s mental and physical health had so affected that he had decided to quit the job. However, some family problem and responsibilities made him stick to the place. This incident took place in April, when the trainees were forced to work which requires extreme physical strength. They were asked to lift heavy logs and throw them on the side of a wall. Brijesh fell so sick that he was rushed to the railway hospital. However, after giving medicines, he was again pushed to work. When his condition deteriorated, he was shifted to Noble Hospital, Hadapsar; where he took his last breath.

According to the victim’s brother Vikas, they sent a notice addressing to the higher railway officials. Since, they have failed to get a reply they are planning to go to Delhi and urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. Hoping that they would listen the family’s plea and seek justice for Brijesh.