Pune : ‘Vanarai’ has decided to transform the entire village of Bahirwadi in Purandar, Pune district. Vanrai With the financial support of UPS SCS (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd, the villagers will try to raise their lives.

At the foot of the fort of Purandar, there is a village of 550 to 600 population. The tribal population is more in the village. In the village there are below-poverty and landless families.Agriculture and Dairying is the main source of income in this region. Since there is no permanent employment facility in the village, people have migrated from villages to other cities for wages. Rain water is carried in this village with hilltop water, Due to lack of water shade work. So there is scarcity of agriculture and drinking water in the village.

Vanrai Project Director Prakash Jagtap said that for the development of the village and for the increase of the livelihood of the people there, various activities will be implemented in this village by ‘Vanrai’. These will include the work of submarine management, water blocking, repairing of cement bounders, GABHIAN bunds, continuous slab variables, loose boulder structures, recharge of wells and villagers’ forests. Special emphasis will be given to the livestock development, artificial insemination of animals, increasing the area under fodder cultivation and increasing the number of milch animals. Training will be organized for the development of agriculture and livestock development programs, camps and seminars with the development of drainage, forest settlement, forest management, water logging management. UPS SCS (India) Pvt. Ltd Jagatap has informed that Rs 38 lakh has been given to Vanrai.