Raipur, 26 January 2019 – Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Mr. Bhupesh Baghel extended hearty greetings and wishes to the people of the state on the occasion of 70th Republic Day at the main event held at Police Parade Ground of capital city Raipur. He said that with consistent efforts to strengthen Republic under the Constitution, we will make Chhattisgarh a glorious state, where every citizen would be a symbol of patriotism and competence. He added that for this very vision, state has been given the slogan of ‘Gadbo Nava Chhattisgarh’

On the occasion, Chief Minister began his speech with greetings in Chhattisgarhi dialect. He commemorated the golden history of India and the two great chapters of the Indian history i.e. Independence Day August 15 and Republic Day January 26. Innumerable lives were sacrificed for Independence of India. Likewise, many great visionaries and personalities had made significant contribution in giving shape to the Constitution of India. Mr. Baghel said- I salute the great personas, who gave direction to the country in last seven decades, and every citizen, who served the nation with dedication. Mr. Baghel also paid courtesous tribute to the Heroes of Chhattisgarh- Shaheed Gaid Singh, Veer Gundadhur and Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh and their revolutionary leadership that had inspired people across the Chhattisgarh state to join the freedom movement.

Later in Hindi language, Chief Minister further said that under the leadership of Gem of India (Bharat Ratna) Baba Sahab Bheemrao Ambedkar, when social activists and legal experts from across the country united, great personas from Chhattisgarh had also given their valuable services as member of Constitution Assembly. I wish that current and upcoming generations nurture their connection with the heritage and contribute to making the dreams of Constitution architects come true. Preface of our constitution begings with – “We the People of India”, which reflects the importance of every citizen in Republic. Our Government is committed to make every possible efforts for protecting the dignity and self-respect of every citizen.

Chief Minister said- we also remember Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of ‘Gram Swaraj’ and his teaching- “Before taking any decision, think of the poorest person and then ask yourself whether the poorest person of the society will get benefitetd by this decision?” I feel contented to say that in last one month, all our decisions have been inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Decision to waive off agriculture loans got support from every section of society

Mr. Baghel said- the condition of farmers and villages couldn’t have been improved without rescuing them out of the vicious cycle of loans and interest. This is the reason why I waived off the short-term agricultural loans worth nearly six thousand 230 crore of 16 lakh 65 thousand farmers. I am happy that this decision of mind was supported by not only farmer families but also by every section of society. It is pleasant indicator of the harmony and fraternity in state, which cannot be threatened by power, politics or rivalry. I hope that in future also I would get your support in all initiatives taken for the upliftment of needy section of society.

Suspended Irrigation Services for Rabi Crops to be restarted

Chief Minister announced that irrigation tax worth Rs 207 crore, which is pending for last 15 years till October, 2018, will be waived off to bring relief to 15 lakh farmers. To save farmers cultivating rabi crops from inconvenience, we have decided to restart the suspended irrigation services for rabi crops with immediate effect. Chief Minister said that it is the right of farmers of the state, who have established the idenitity of Chhattisgarh as ‘rice bowl’. In the first cabinet meeting, we fulfilled the promise of procuring paddy at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal from farmers of state. Government of India has been requested to increase the quanity of rice procured from state for central pool, but in case our request isn’t approved, State Government would fulfil its responsibilities.

Chief Minister said that we realize that to improve financial condition of farmers, we need to make permanent arrangements and formulate scheme with long-term results.This is the reason why we have decided to adopt the policy of ‘value-addition’ to available resources and have given the slogan of ‘Chhattisgarh ke Chaar Chinhari, Narva, Guruva, Badi, Ela Bachana hai Sangwari’. Mr. Baghel said in his message that the state government is formulating a detailed action plan to cut down misuse of water, conserve livestock, promote use of products we get from them, organic fertilizer production, making villages self-dependent in terms of fuel and to promote horticulture development, which will bring a revolutionary change in rural areas.

Agriculture Department renamed as Agriculture Development, Farmer Welfare and Bio-Technology Department

Chief Minister said that all the agricultural schemes should have common goal of making farmers self-dependent and prosperous. This is the reason why Agriculture Department has been renamed as Agricultural Development, Farmer Welfare and Biotechnology Department, so that we always have our goal in mind.

Wage rate of tendupatta collection increased from Rs 2500 to Rs 4 thousand per standard sack

Wage rate for tendupatta collection has been increased from Rs 2500 per standard sack to Rs 4000 per standard sack. This decision will empower farmers and forest dwellers. It has also been decided that district-cadre recruitment would be done in Korba district, as it was done in scheduled areas of districts under Sarguja and Bastar division.

SIT probe ordered to ensure immediate justice to the victim families of Jheeram Ghati incident

Chief Minister said that justice delayed is justice denied. To ensure immediate justice to the victim families of Jheeram Ghati incident, we have ordered SIT probe in the case. PDS was highlighted as the subject of hope and faith for economically weak section of society in India, but in Chhattisgarh, it had become the cover for irregularities and corruption. Many questions were raised on works of Civil Supply Corporation, which is why we have announced SIT probe in this case too.

District Mineral Trust to be reviewed

DMF was constituted for protecting the interests of people and saving the environment of areas affected by mining of minerals. On November, 2018, Rs 3 thousand 336 crores were received in this fund and Rs 2 thousand 400 crores were spent. Actually this fund was meant for compensation of the damage caused by mining in the affected area, but it was used in an irresponsible manner.Hence, we have decided to review the entire case and ban the unnecessary construction works, so as to utilize the funds for other works of public interest. He said that we had promised strict action against chit fund companies and the innocent local youth who were associated as agents with the company will be relieved from the cases filed against them. This action will be taken within one month.

Revoked the an on sale, purchase, transfer and registration of land with area less than 5 decimal

Chief Minister said that we have revoked the ban on sale, purchase, transfer, registration of land plots with area less than 5 decimel, in larger interest of the low-incme groups. Land Diversion Process is also being simplified.

He said that Pt Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation of major industries, educational institutions through public undertakings. He used to call them temples of modern India. Bhilai Steel Plant, which was established in year 1959 for all-round and inclusive development, has set a new record of producing 200 million tons of hot metal. Likewise, contribution of public undertakings such as Balco, NTPC, Gangrel dam, Minimata Hasdeo Bango Dam, NMDC and SECL cannot be forgotten.

More than 1764 hectares of land to be returned to tribal farmers of Lohandiguda and 10 affected villages

We have example of Lohandiguda area of Bastar, where previous state government had acquired lands of more than 1700 farmers to set a major industry of a prominent industrial organization. But in last 10 years, neither the industry was set up there nor did the farmers got their lands back, nor was the ideal rehab law was complied to. The industrial group refused to establish the industry but the lands were not returned to the tribal farmers. As soon as we came to power, we decided to return more than 1764 hectares of lands to the tribal people. We would make every possible effort to support industries as per their actual requirement and to invite capital investment in state. In the event held today, nearly 50 families of Lohandiguda area were present, and they were later awarded land-rights certificates. We have also decided to change the tradition of making Chief Minister the head of development authorities for development of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe areas, so as to put the local MLAs into the lead role, so that they may take note of local requirements and get the works done in more result-oriented manner. To promote local industries and local products, decision has been take to procure commodities from CSIDC for government departments, in place of ‘GEM’. For this, necessary amendments in Chhattisgarh Store Purchase Rule 2002 have been made and new portal for online procurement of commodities will be made within six months.

Journalist Security Law in making

In last few years, the freedom of expression in state was threatened time and again. I believe that freedom of expression is the first requisite for democracy, this is why we have started the process of making Journalist Security Law in support of free press.

Recruitment on vacant posts of Assistant Professors in Colleges started

Chief Minister said that quality education plays an important role in empowerment and progress of the republic. But sadly there are so many ambiguities in education system of state right from primary to higher education that it adversely affected the employability of students as well as their chances of becoming a responsible citizen. Taking first step in the direction, we have begun the recruitment process through Public Service Commission on 40 per cent vacant posts of Assistant Professors in government colleges of state. He said that soon 15 thousand teachers will be recruited in School Education Department. He said that senior citizens are inseparable parts of our society and it is our responsibility to take care of them. We have taken a new initiative to build a ‘palletive care unit’ for critically ill senior citizens, where they will be provided regular health check ups, treatment, medicines, recreation and television etc.

Two New Committees formed for de-addiction drive

Our government is proceeding with extreme caution and awareness towards de-addiction. We studied the recommendations given by the previous committee and it seemed to promote alcohol consumption instead of discouraging it. State Government dimissed the recommendations of previous committee and announced formation of two new committees. One of these would be an all-party committee and second would be all-community committee. Political committee will study the states where alchohol was banned but the purpose wasn’t served. This committee will take note of the causes of failure. Social committee will recommend ways to create social awareness about harful effects of alchohol consumption. Chief Minister also mentioned about the initiatives being taken to reinstate the prestigious tradition of ‘Maghi Punni Mela’, as a token of respect for people’s faith. Earlier it was renamed as ‘kumbh (kalp)’ but now we have decided to uphold our ancient tradition and culture with ‘Maghi Punni Mela’. Destruction of birthplace of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh in the name of mining is also against public sentiments, hence we have decided to review this as well.

On the occasion, Chief Minister commemorated Sant Kabeer, Baba Guru Ghasidas, Gahira Guru, Rajim Mata, Bilasa Mata, Karma Mata, Mini Mata, with whose blessings the values of harmony, peace, fraternity and mutual respect is so deeply ingrained in our culture. We take it as our most important responsibility to protect the rights of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, minorities, backward communities, women and all such people. He said- we pledge to end the anti-constitutional elements and their violent activities in the name of naxalism.