India, May 14, 2019: A study undertaken by Sulekha, India’s largest digital platform for local services has revealed a 3X increase in online searches for Borewells this summer.

This study is based on visits and searches by nearly 11,000 consumers that landed on Sulekha in the last month (April 2019), across cities including of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Key findings of the study:

– The top three cities with the highest number of Borewells search growth have been Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai

– Consumers are however willing to spend the most for Borewells in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Gurgaon, indicating a need to go deeper to source water

– Consumers are willing to spend an average of Rs 1.7 lakhs, an increase of 25% in two years

– Consumers are willing to consider 3 to 4 quotes before deciding on a service provider

– Local Borewells contractors are not able to meet the demand due to heat and shortage of manpower. Hence, consumers are increasingly looking for digitally reviewed experts

– Lack of regular water supply from most Municipal corporations seem to also contribute in the rise for Borewells services

– Consumers are asking for an average of 140 feet of Borewells depth vs just 100 feet in 2017

– Many consumers think that Government agencies should raise awareness among residents about the borewells depth, that suit different areas and soil formations